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Service without borders

Medium-sized German companies with subsidiaries and associated companies abroad as well as multinational corporations need global insurance programs. The implementation of international insurance programs is particularly aimed at insuring the entire group of companies worldwide at a consistently high level of cover. 
In order to set up and provide such insurance programs, a global network of insurance brokers is required to ensure the personal and local support of foreign regional policies in the respective country. The tasks of these co-brokers do not only include personal support, but also general administrative aspects, the management of claims, cost transparency, reporting and much more.

As part of the Ecclesia Group, Interassekuranz Sitt & Overlack GmbH is strongly positioned internationally. The Group has a worldwide presence through its international network partner ECCLESIA GLOBAL NETWORK. You can expect to find a customer-focused local broker service almost anywhere in the world – these partners know the country-specific characteristics and implement the agreed risk and insurance philosophy on local level.

Central reporting from all countries as a control and information tool for you is part of our service portfolio.