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Chemical Industry

Volatile hazards: insurance protection against the occurrence of adverse events

Adequate insurance cover is essential for you as entrepreneur in the chemical industry. We create insurance and risk management solutions that are tailored to your needs. Our experts have detailed background knowledge concerning hazardous goods of any kind and the respective legal provisions, for example concerning fire protection or the handling of hazardous substances. 

With us you will always find the right contact person for industry-specific constellations and inquiries, such as: 

  • Liability for modified mixtures (testing clause)
  • Environmental Due Diligence (REACH)
  • Cargo securing for transports of chemicals
  • Fire protection
  • Emergency measures in the event of industrial accidents or hazardous incidents
  • Restoring normal operations
  • Handling of substances classified as CMR substances 
  • Environmental impairment 

We also provide you with any type of industry-relevant insurance protection, such as:

  • Laboratory insurance
  • Hazardous materials insurance
  • Charterers Liability insurance
  • Environmental impairment insurance
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