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Printing and Publishing

Protection for Printers and Publishers

Printing errors, machinery breakage, hoaxes, warehouse fires, digital risks – the loss scenarios to which printers' shops and publishing companies might be exposed to, are diverse. A damage-related standstill of a printing press may cause severe financial losses. Moreover, printed materials, which are disputed by third parties could cause expensive court proceedings for the publishing company concerned. 

We know where the pitfalls are and analyse your individual risk. Our portfolio includes: 

  • Analysis of loss of earnings scenarios 
  • Procuring machinery insurances and other property insurances
  • Procuring business interruption insurances
  • Professional advice and support in finding alternatives (crisis assistance agreements)  
  • Protection against cyber risks throughout all stages of production, for example liability risks in relation to third party data 
  • Insurance protection against attacks on editorial systems or failure of IT systems or machines 

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