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Textile Industry

Protection for companies active in the textile industry

Textiles are worn close to our bodies. Therefore, particular significance is attached to product safety in the textile and garment industry in order to prevent any risks of skin irritations or disease. Accordingly, environmental regulations and legal requirements on product properties are strict in this segment. 

Experience has shown that the higher the required quality standard, the higher is the loss potential. To ensure that claims do not have a lasting impact on your business as a textile entrepreneur, a functioning risk management system and adequate insurance cover are essential. Our experts have a great deal of experience in risk protection for the textile and garment industry. We negotiate with insurers custom-fit solutions for the individual industrial requirements to realize the best possible quality of cover for you. 

We know, observe and also shape the domestic and international insurance market. Here we work with in-house and external specialists to analyze and optimally cover any individual liability risks in due consideration of statutory liability provisions.



We mediate insurance products for all sector-relevant areas. Clients of the garment and textile industry focus on the following major risks: 

  • Product recall or product failure
  • Protection of material substance, inventories and finished goods 
  • Protection against loss of income
  • Liabilities relating to supply chains
  • Supply of third-party property and goods for repair
  • Cargo securing during transports
  • Receivables management, sureties, factoring

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