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Accident Insurances

Coverage for your competencies

In the competition for talent and skilled staff, additional benefits from employers are becoming increasingly important. A company accident insurance policy can be a useful supplement to statutory accident insurance (Berufsgenossenschaft) or private accident insurance and can be a decisive factor for employees to opt for your company.   

Insurance cover can be tailored to individual needs: for example, in addition to occupational accidents, it can also cover leisure injuries or exclusively cover business trips. 

Accident insurances provide coverage for 

  • disability (disablement benefits with progression depending on the degree of disability as per the dismemberment schedule)
  • or death (death benefit).

Other benefits can be integrated on request, for example transition payments, monthly accident pension, daily hospital allowance, etc. 

Your advantage: our framework agreements include benefits that go far beyond the standard terms and conditions of insurance companies. 


  • Who is accident insurance suitable for?

    This type of insurance is suitable for associates, managers, corporate bodies, private individuals and their families, employees of a company via a 24-hour-coverage or optionally via a sectoral cover for on-the- job-coverage including commuting accidents and business travel. 




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