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Risk Management

Your risks are in good hands

Professional risk management is an important component of a successful corporate strategy, irrespective of sector, industry and size of company.  

The integral view on a company enables not only the analysis and evaluation of risks but also the identification of cost potentials and an improved planability.  

ISO regards itself as a technical insurance broker with outstanding consulting expertise and this philosophy is mirrored in the area of risk management. Thus, ISO usually advocates that every insurance solution is submitted to a technical and insurance risk management process.

Under constant consideration of your risk philosophy (claims prevention, retention, development of the company, workforce resources etc.), we identify and evaluate your insurance risk, analyse your individual claims experience and draw up a comparison of the current and target situations. Then we compile a professional insurance concept together with you, which will be constantly updated and enhanced.

Technical risk management constitutes the basis. Building on this, we address insurance risk management. Both areas comprise the following modules:

Technical risk management:

  • Identification, analysis and evaluation of risks 
  • Prevention and minimization of risks
  • Evaluation of the remaining risk

Insurance risk management:

  • Risk self-financing 
  • Alternative Risk Transfer (ART solutions) 
  • Self-insurance solutions 
  • Feasibility studies for captives 
  • Insurance contract solutions

In the area of insurance contract solutions, we have access to specialists in all insurance classes. In addition, we monitor the developments on the insurance market and will inform you accordingly.

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