With high expertise and with over 30 years of experience and customer-oriented service we have laid the foundations for a long-term cooperation.

Our range of services is as diverse as the companies that we serve. We do not offer prefabricated solutions, but we work like in a manufactory in which handmade, unique products are manufactured. We adapt our services to the individual needs of our clients.

Our service standards:

  • analysis of the insurance market
  • risk analysis, risk assessment
  • assessing existing insurance policies
  • developing of terms and conditions (based on many years of loss experience)
  • structuring individual master agreements
  • arranging customized insurance solutions
  • tendering process and award recommendations
  • contract reviews and contract management
  • professional claims handling
  • loss analysis
  • identifying key aspects of loss in case of frequency losses
  • preparing insurance leaflets
  • providing assistance with risk management concepts ('preventing not insuring'!)
  • alternative risk transfer (captive, rent a captive etc.)
  • providing assistance towards compliance with contractual provisions and obligations

Our extended service:

  • jour fixe-dates (efficient on-site investigation of issues with clients)
  • site inspections in the context of the operational risk management (in addition to insurer inspections)
  • drawing up information leaflets about insurance costs, forecasts, budgets or reserves for financial control
  • preparing detailed policy digests for the day-to-day work
  • providing input for the intranet
  • web based solutions for affinity business (personal insurance cover for employees of our clients at special conditions)

We  also offer excellent expertise in the area of risik consulting with the assistance of the group company
deas Deutsche Risk Consult GmbH.

The Interassekuranz Sitt & Overlack GmbH is your service provider with a great deal of fine judgement. We analyse your insurance needs and provide advice on an individual and confidential basis.