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Range of services

Full spectrum of services

With professional competence, decades of experience and first-class customer service, we lay the foundation for a sustainable cooperation with you.

Our services are as diverse as the companies we serve. We see ourselves as a service firm that develops individual solutions based on your actual insurance needs. 

Our service standard includes the analysis of your company's risk situation, for example by means of site inspections. This includes the identification of special, individual risks and their assessment.

Based on the expertise we have gained, we develop in close cooperation with you a strategy on how your company can be effectively protected through prevention measures, retaining of risks and risk transfers.
Within the scope of our cooperation, we take care of the complete administration of your insurance matters, including policy management, regular reviews, updates or readjustment and reporting.

In the event of a claim, our claims experts ensure a quick and appropriate settlement. We exclusively represent your interests.