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Cyber Insurances

Protection against real threats

The progressive networking of information and communication and growing data volumes increase the risks for your company. These dangers are difficult to calculate and range from the negligent loss of data by an employee to a targeted hacker attack that encrypts, modifies or deletes your sensitive data.  

Losses caused by cyber attacks can affect any company. The question is not whether, but when and to what extent losses occur. 

For this reason, we recommend the following three steps for protection:  

The protection of your company starts with your assessment of the existing IT systems. This is followed by an audit conducted by external service providers in the form of security audits or penetration tests, for example. Finally, the risk is transferred to an insurer.   

As part of our tailor-made insurance solutions, you can insure the costs of a cyber attack and receive immediate support from a network of experts (e.g. IT forensic experts, PR consultants, lawyers) in the event of a claim. 

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