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Property Insurances

Coverage for your material assets

As safety experts, we take a close look at your individual risks and advise you on necessary and appropriate coverage for your physical assets (buildings, goods, equipments etc.). 

The policies brokered through our company – national and international insurance programs – are distinguished by their broker wordings (ISO wordings) that provide much more than conventional market solutions.  


A fire insurance is an essential cover for your company. (Major) fire damage inside or outside of company buildings may interrupt operating processes. Coping with a situation of fully or partially stopped operations (production standstill, business interruption, loss of profits) may call for substantial expenditure.   

Storm and hail

Hall roofs being blown-off, hail damages to motor vehicles and buildings caused by severe weather conditions are increasingly occurring. These destructions often lead to major loss scenarios, which sometimes involve a loss of earnings.

Water pipe damage

The water pipe damage insurance is particularly recommended for companies whose processes require that water, steam or other liquids are transported in high quantities through pipe networks in office buildings and/or factory buildings.  

A water pipe damage business interruption insurance is usually taken out if a company is specifically exposed to this risk.

Vehicle impact, smoke and sonic bang

Not to be underestimated is the risk of smoke damage. A strong smoke development, such as overheating of kilns or a smouldering fire, is often the cause of considerable damage to buildings and/or equipment (especially electronic controls) as a result of chemical reactions.

Such damage caused by smoke, which was not caused by a fire, must be insured separately, as it is not covered by classic fire insurance.

Burglary, vandalism and robbery

Burglaries and malicious damage after burglary and robbery are damage scenarios that affect companies more often than expected. Whether such coverage makes sense for you depends on the concentration of potentially endangered goods and the security measures in place.


  • A property insurance provides protection against the above mentioned risks to insured property, buildings, technical and business equipment and stocks of goods located at those premises stipulated in the insurance contract.

  • An annual aggregate limit is the yearly maximum that a policy will cover, regardless of how many claims are made in the respective period of insurance (usually per calendar year).  

  • ISO wording for property insurance

    Here's a quick look at a few highlights such as indemnity for damage-related extra expenses, reinstatement value insurance for all objects in use or ready for intented use, off-premises coverage and many others. 

    ISO wording for business interruption insurance

    We also offer special features in the area of business interruption, for example: less exclusions in extended coverage wordings, shifting the burden of proof in case of violation of safety regulations, obligations and contingent business interrutption losses for all risks.   

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