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Focus on individuality

The best indicator of the excellence of a company is client satisfaction. That is why customer benefit is our top priority. 

For you, this means that we work solely in your interest with the aim to achieve your goals.

Our concept for your insurance protection

Excellence, for us, stands for multidimensional thinking and offering our clients comprehensive and sustainable service. With us at your side, you will benefit from a variety of protection services that go far beyond the range of services provided by other brokers. 

As a representative of your interests within the scope of a long-term broker's assignment, we are at your disposal for individual risk and insurance consulting.

As our client, you can be sure that your risks are perfectly covered today and tomorrow. 

Quality and Competence

A high level of service quality requires comprehensive expertise on the part of our employees - because we are in no doubt that the success of a company depends on the professional skills of its team.

That is why we invest in staff trainings and workshops. We do not just invest in professional proficiency; we also promote social and creative competence.

We want the best, so that we can achieve the best results for you.

IT Security

IT security and data protection is just as important to us as quality management. To ensure optimum data security for you, our IT department works hand in hand with a data protection officer who ensures that security standards of the highest level are implemented and observed. For example, all our business data is processed exclusively on servers in Germany.

Code of Ethics

And last but not least, excellence - for us - is also a point of honour. As the partner of our clients, we are bound by the same code of honour (Code of Conduct) as the Association of German Insurance Brokers Bundesverbandes Deutscher Versicherungsmakler e.V. (BDVM).